Monday, August 27, 2012

What's a friendly Challenge between Friends?

Hi Bloggeritas!  I've missed you so much!  I'm still juggling one million, gazillion things so, that's why my posting has been irregular at best., I want to share a fun card with you.  My good friend Stephanie a.k.a. "Steph" of Where Did all my Money Go? is the visionary behind For Your Inspiration, the challenge blog.  Since FYI is currently on hiatus, we were jonesing for a photo inspired challenge with a twist.  So...Steph found the photo and I added the twist.  So, you have to create a project inspired by the photo and include something with CHEVRONS and a TAG! 

This card is 8.5"x11"!  I've gotten into making giant card for people now!  I love the challenge!

I was so inspired by the billow like clouds!

SO PLEASE play along with us and link up your post in the comments.


StephC said...

Love it!! The butterflies are awesome. Great job with the challenge!


Mommas Sunshine said...

I am just loving all the creative and beautiful cards on your blogs!

Christa said...

So pretty. SO SO SO! I love that you have taken your talent to the BIG LEAGUES, so to speak!

Anna Brain said...

Oh wow! WOWnderful!!! :)

Scrapaddict said...

Love the butterflies! Great challenge! View mine at