Friday, February 3, 2012

Potty Chart

Hey Bloggeritas!  Thanks for stopping by Two Tears in my Bucket today!  Today, my Potty Chart is featured on the My Momenta blog.  Stop on over there and let them know how you feel about it but, let me know how you feel about it here too!
My son, Picard, is 2 and we're trying to potty train him.  I created this chart to prompt him to "want" to potty.  If he goes number one, he gets one potty point.  If he goes number two, he gets two potty points.  When he gets 10 tickets, he gets a small toy.  100 tickets, he gets a BIG toy! 
I used:
  • Foam core board (select the size that fits your space best) Mine is 16"x20"
  • Craft sticks (I got mine from the local craft supply store)
  • Momenta Family Outings Cardstock 12"x12" pad
  • Momenta Vibrant Cardstock 5"x7" pad
  • Good adhesive
  • Number Dies
  • Tickets (Or circles or stars...something to represent the potty points)

 I have seven lines here for seven days of the week.  Each week, we count all the points and start over.  I use repositionable adhesive to adhere the potty points (which are tickets since this chart is more of a circus theme).

The tissue roll is a Unity Stamp co. stamp.  The ticket is just a plain old raffle ticket.  I have a roll of raffle ticket from some other project that I did.
I fussy cut a lion, tiger, bear, tickets and a big top hat from a cardstock sheet in the Family Outings 12"x12" paper pad.  The banners are made from paper from the 5"x7" One Fine Day Cardstock Mat paper pad.

I hopt this chart brings you and your little one potty success!

Momenta products:
PA-2250 FAO 12"x12" Perm Paper Pad
PA-2337 OFD 5x7 CS Pad
PA-1123 Vibrant 5x7 Txt Cardstk

Foam Core Board
Craft Sticks
Button Twine
Repositionable Adhesive



Christa said...

Rochelle, you so creative. I am amazed at how awesome this is. I am sure he will co-operate now!

Tenia Nelson said...


Anonymous said...

Fantastic, thank you for the info on how to make it. Our daughter is potty training our grandson, I may give this a try for them. :) Lori m

Sarabeth said...

i just love this! thanks for sharing :)


Mara Campbell said...

This is such a fun project! I love that toilet paper roll stamp, such a great detail!