Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Rub-a-dub-dub...SUGAR SCRUB!!!

I have always wanted to make my own bath and body products but, it's hard when you don't have a teacher and you just follow a recipe (which I HATE).  So, my good friend gifted me some AWESOME body oils.  She told me that it was sunflower oil and essential oils.  I was like whaaaaat?  Because they felt and smelled SO GOOD!  So, while perusing for gifts to give my "secret DIVA" (my college friends and I are the DIVAS...don't judge us...LOL!) I found a recipe for Brown sugar scrub.  It called for brown sugar, essential oils and sunflower oil.  Again...I was like whaaaat?  It's so easy!  So, I used some of my gifted oil and added the brown sugar in a small mason jar.  Then, I said...I have to dress this up.  So, I cut a circle....more like an oval out of some quilt backing I had.  Don't as why I have quilt backing...I don't know...I just do!  THEN...I stamped the medallion from Skipping Stones Design's "Victorian Summer" stamps set in the middle (or there abouts) and that's how I ended up with this....

Isn't that little tag darling?  It's a stamp I got and never hardly used from Hobby Lobby.

Well, that's all for now! :)

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Ayana said...

That is so cute, Rochelle! I love how you packaged it.