Thursday, February 24, 2011

Liebster Blog Award

What is the Liebster Blog Award?  Well...  The Liebster Blog Award is an award that you give to 3-5 blogs that have less than 100 followers.  The blogs are supposed to have inspired you. 

I think that you're supposed to get nominated before you can do your selections and if that's the case...oh well!  I've just messed it up! LOL!  (Still haven't figured out if it's uncool to LOL on your blog)

I follow so many blogs that it literally takes me a week and a half just to check and read all of the updates! Whenever I come across a blog I like I add it.  I don't hesitate.  Inspiration is everywhere out here in blogland.  I thank whatever Gods may be for Google Reader!

Seriously though.  It means so much when someone leaves a sweet comment on a card (or for scrappers a LO) that you've labored over.  So, you can imagine how you feel when you start getting followers.  THEN, to know that someone really likes your blog...well that's just the pinnacle of perfect!  So, when I was reading the "My Creative Journey" blog and saw her post about the Liebster award, I had to follow suit and crown some very deserving Bloggeritas.

First up, is Alberta's Closet.  Alberta has a clean and fresh style that is so unique and crisp.  Her blog is a joy to read and she is super-dee-duper talented.  I wonder if she knows that she is awesome?

Next is "The Buzz".  Barbara has got skills!  She is one of those ladies that makes you want to stop everything you're doing and head to your crafting space to create.  Every time she posts, I swear that she stolen her cards from Hallmark! :)  Seriously, her cards have such a professional and polished look about them.

Finally, there is Charlene over at "Where MMs Gather".  Apart from her seemingly unhealthy addiction to all things M&M, (just teasing) everything she makes turns to blog gold.  All of her creations are beautiful, elegant and tastefully done.  I wanna be like her when I grow up!

So, there you have top three picks with under 100 followers.  Stop by and show them some Blog Love.

See ya!


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Alberta said...

Rochelle, thanks for the kind words. You really made my day!