Sunday, January 15, 2012

New Year, New Life, New Blog!

Hello my Lovely Bloggeritas!  In the midst of all the end of the year lists and the New Years resolutions out there in blog land, I thought, one would read mine if I post it now.  But that we're well into the new year and no one is expecting it...BAM!  I'm gonna hit you with my little craft related list...yes, I have categorized lists! :)

Crafty "To-dos" in 2012:

1.  Re-do my blog.
I've been a big fan of Karen Bakers designs for a long while.  I still blog stalk her over at The Bald Dragonfly daily!  When I realized that she also designs blogs I was like "woah"...gotta get on that band wagon.  So, when I got a chance I contacted her and she transformed my blog into the awesomeness that you see today! :)  I HIGHLY recommend that you reach out to her if you're considering revamping your blog.  She is very easy to work with and she "gets you" right away!

2.  Get published.
Seriously.  I don't know why but, I just draw a blank during publication calls.  It's so frustrating because it's a goal of mine that I just haven't attained.  I'm going to try my best to make it happen because it's something that I feel will affirm why I'm doing this.

3.  Make more crafty friends.
I find it intimidating to reach out to crafty ladies.  I've got to try more.

4.  Be more innovative and creative.
Often times I don't try new things because of how I think I'll be perceived.  ENOUGH of that!  I'm going all out!

5.  Get over my sewing phobia.
Why do I hate the sewing machine so much?  I just hate to have projects that I think look bad.  Since I'm such a sewing novice I know it'll look bad...until I learn that is.

So that's it.  I plan on accomplishing all five things!  Do you have a crafty "to-do" list?


Vanessa Middleton said...

Bloggeritas! LOL LOVE that!!! Allow me to be the 1st one to comment on your lovely new blog and also be your new crafty friend!!! Though I would already consider myself that. ;) Love your to-do list and mine is actually similar, but included in mine is getting my butt in gear with my site. I wonder if the girl that helped you with your blog could help me with my website. Might have to check into that! I'm not wonderful about checking blogs all the time, but I'll Facebook stalk you fo' sho'! hehe

Michelle said...

Rochelle, I love your new blog look! Woo hoo! I also love your new resolutions.

We'll BOTH get published this year. I usually don't worry about it, there are tonnes of fantastic cards that don't get picked, but this last time I got a bit frustrated at NEVER being picked. YOU have so many publishable cards that you are sure to be selected this year, more than once.

I'll be your crafty friend from afar! If you ever come to Brisbane, you make sure you let me know. ;-)

I can't wait to see your new innovative, creative, and stitched projects this year!

Part of my crafty to-do list this year is to improve my photography, actually, to improve my post-processing/editing, which is proving to be a challenge so far. :-) I might need to do a course, LOL!

Sassy said...

Rochelle - Looks awesome! #1, #4, and #5 we have in common! The sewing machine is not my friend. In my first marriage of 17 years, my husband bought me a machine when my son was born. The idea then was to sew all our clothes - even his dress shirts and suits! Mind you that when I was in high school I didn't even finish a ladybug pillow. Some people say the dryer eats socks. Sewing machines eat fabric. I have a heck of a time figuring out how to thread it and then once done the bobbin sucks it down in so I end up ripping it out to clear the machine. None of that was my fault. No... not at all. So, my second husband bought me a sewing machine five years ago. It is still in the box. I love the look of sewing and know I would love it if only I could get past the start and the fabric-hungry bobbin hole!

Karen B. said...

Well I do declare that your new blog look is fresh, clean, bold and absolutely fun, not to mention beautiful! You are the ideal client and it was so very much fun to work with you, THANK YOU! You'll make it in a magazine, your cards are just lovely. Have fun with it, be confident in your work and it will definitely show through with the editors. And remember, you've got to submit! I hope that you call me your crafty friend, because I feel as though I found one in you. Thanks for the support and I hope that I can return the favor. You are innovative, you basically designed your own blog! I am not sure about sewing either, even with my Janome Sew Mini. We have a love hate relationship. Perhaps you can carry yours around with you and get to know it better? Hah! You can do it! These are some great goals-all of which I'm sure you'll accomplish!

Sarabeth said...

i love the look of your blog. i myself have a similar list of goals created. happy new year and best of luck to accomplishing your goals!!! :)


The Scorpian Crafter said...

Love your new blog!! New year means new crafty you will be published soon enough!

Savannah O'Gwynn said...

GOOOOD luck with your goals--you have some great goals posted here. I think I might have to steal some of them! And--hate the sewing machine??? GET OUT! Girl --break that sewing machine out! I'll skype you and sew with you:)

Jen W. said...

Loving the new blogs look, Miss Rochelle! Karen is a master at these things...
I too tend to choke on publishing calls. I think it's because I feel like I have to reinvent the wheel with each card and then I try too hard and what I end up with is so not me. My goal this year is to relax with the pub calls and try to trick my brain into thinking they're just another weekly challenge. I also want to incorporate more stitching on y cards. Must get a sewing machine first though! :)