Thursday, December 8, 2011

10 Things About ME! :)

I was blog stalking today and ran across Classy Girl's post about her birthday.  I love "About me" quizzes, lists and surveys.  I could do it ALL DAY!  How narcisistic is that?  Damn you Cosmo've turned me into a frivolous quiz taker for life (started when I was in high school...don't judge)!

So...on to 10 wonderful, fantastic, FA-REAKIN' AH-MAZE-ING things about me! :)

1.  My husband and my son, give me balance.  They remind me to not take myself too seriously.  They each make my life full and beautiful in innumerable ways.  I'm so in love with them both.

2.  I am in my last year pursuing a Bachelor's of Arts in Educational Studies.  HOWEVER, I don't want to teach.  You know how teachers have to complete a stint as a student teacher prior to actually becoming a teacher?  Well...that time is so valuable because that's when I realized that I can't teach AND be mentally present for my family at the end of the day.  Soooo...I'm just going to stay in corporate America and use my degree for a career in training.

3.  R&B (including Soul, Neo-Soul, Blue-eyed Soul and Pop R&B), Jazz, Indie Rock, Blues and Folk music rock my world. I sing and write songs.  I should say I write lyrics because I don't know a lick of music theory.  I love, love, LOVE to sing!  Here are a couple of You Tube videos...again no judging!

4.  I'm obsessed with becoming an "it" paper crafter.  Every once in a while on this very blog, I talk about my desire to become a crafting SUPA STAH and the ca-razy things I end up doing as a result.  Check out THIS post.  I CHOKE on EVERY Publication call.  It's just embarrassing at this point.  Sigh...

5.  I am in love with my hair.  I love my locs.  Some people call them dread locs and I don't like that because it sounds negative.  I love that I wear my hair free of any perm or chemicals.  I have dyed my hair but...with henna of course.  I love to see women embrace their natural tresses.  I've been growing them for almost 12 years and I get insulted when someone asks me are they real OR if they're braids.  *Rolling my eyes and sucking my teeth just writing this.*

6.  I have ELEVEN tattoos.  Yep, and once I have the money...I'm gonna get MORE! I LURVE body art...tasteful body art.

7.  I don't own any perfume.  Instead I go to this neat place called Scents and Suds and mix my own custom body oil and lotion.  Up yours Bath and Body Works...j/k I do still wear "Twilight Woods" by B & BW.

8.  My husband and I are getting ready to purchase our first home.  It's nerve wrecking and exciting at the same time.  There are sooo many options and there is never going to be a perfect fit but, I'm hoping we find the right space for our family.  We're looking in Lithia Springs and Douglasville, GA.  I'm ready for a craft space WITH A DOOR!!!

9.  I agonize over what craft supplies to buy.  I mean...I'm craftin' on a tight budget.  Sooo...I have to choose wisely and improvise.  When I say agonize...I mean STRESS!  It almost takes the fun out of it.  Why do I do that?? 

10.  My biggest goals right now are to:  Loose 30lbs by my 30th birthday in June, Graduate in October ('12) and have a least one project published in a craft mag in the year 2012. 

Well...that's it.  10 randomly delightful things about me!  Hope you enjoyed yourself...I know I did!  (Tooting that horn SUPER loud!)



Michelle said...

Thanks for sharing, Rochelle! You ARE amazing. :-)

I qualified as a teacher also, and I also decided that teaching was not for me when I met all those 14- and 15-year-olds during prac teaching...ugh, raging hormones and ATTITUDE. LOL.

Good luck with your first house. I can't wait to see the pictures of you craft room when you get it. :-)

I'll have to go back to some of your pictures to check out your hair now... ;-)

Michelle said...

I'm back. I checked out your YouTube videos. Not only is your hair fabulous, but your voice is TOTALLY AWESOME! I only WISH I could sing half as good as you.

Jen W. said...

I only have 2 tattoos but I definitely want more. They're rather addictive...

Have fun house hunting! Be patient and the perfect house will find you.

Off to check out You Tube...