Friday, October 21, 2011


What's going on Bloggeritas!  I must admit that I was inspired to write this post because Market Street Stamps is celebrating their one year anniversary and they are having a little promotion that entails their fans creating a wish list of MSS they want.  So, before we go any is the link to MY wish list!  Uh huh...oh yeah!

Now, theoretically, I should wish for world peace, peace of mind, perfect health and financial stability for my family and friends and good acquaintances.  BUT...beyond thinking of my hubby, my son and my family and friends...I think about what I WISH for out of this crafting deal. is my crafty bucket WISH list...

1.  Attend CHA with enough money to buy product.  I mean who wants to window shop at CHA?  Not me.

2.  Become Stampin' Royalty over at Papercrafts Mag.  Google it...freakin' awesome.

3.  Learn how to sew.

4.  Be published in any paper crafting mag.

5.  Actually hang out with other paper crafters.  I have major social anxiety issues.  Don't judge me.

6.  Purchase a Scrap Box...have you seen these freakin' things?  They're ridiculous!

7.  Design my own stamps

8.  Try my hand at glass etching.

9.  Win the Cup of the Day at The Play Date Cafe.

10.  Be the T.G.I.F. Club Winner at Cas-ual FridaysOkay...I did that!  Oh yeah baby!

That's just my 2011 - 2012 list.  It changes.  What are YOUR Crafty wishes?  I know you have some!  Give me all the juices and berries, pour me the tea...I want to know!

Juices and berries - the good stuff, juicy details

The Tea - Gossip usually...but, it can be good info too!

Thanks guys!


Ayana said...

Okay. We are totally getting #3 off your list! And soon!

Jen W. said...

Big ditto on #1 - I'd like to go with an unlimited credit card (that someone else pays off for me)!
Ditto on 9 & 10 also. Finally became Colour Queen at ColourQ so crossed that off my list. Whoop whoop!
Would love to get a sewing machine and learn how to work it.
Want to try and conquer misting and working with Distress inks before all my supplies dry out and shrivel up!