Thursday, October 13, 2011

Am I the ONLY one?

Hey Bloggeritas!  If you're anything like me, some fraction of your day is spent blog surfing.  If you're not blog surfing, you're on manufacturer's websites or spending time in crafting communities.  I try not to take anything too seriously in my life but, I'm pretty serious about crafting.  Like...nobody had better touch my newest any issue of Paper Crafts magazine or risk the penalty of loosing a hand...serious. 

While I'm visiting, blog stalking, commenting and admiring I get peeved when folks have product that I want but, CAN'T AFFORD!  I mean, I seriously cannot keep up!  While I am excited to see the monthly releases from my favorite stamp companies, I'm all aggi (aggravated) that I can't buy things when I want to.  I know this may seem like the rant of a six year old whose parents won't allow her to buy the newest "Take over the world Barbie" but, I can't help it! Humph! (arms crossed).

This is the kind struggle I go through:

This month my adhesive stash is low...actually non-existent. So, instead of ordering more Glue Arts adhesive (or using my 40% off coupon at Hobby Lobby to buy some), I bought the new Sweet Stamp Shop release!


I've been using 3M Double Sided tape...don't judge me.

The mental anguish I take myself through:

Okay...all the stuff in my cart is $35.00.  I have $40.00 to spend.  Damn those shipping costs!  Guess I'll get one thing since I can't afford to pay for the taxes and shipping...sigh.

GOSH!  I'm NEVER gonna have all the dies and stamps and ink and designer paper and embellies and glitter and copics and ribbon and STUFF that I want!

My self-challenge that makes it all better:

Know what I do?  I challenge myself to make trend relevant projects while crafting on a budget.
Wanna know how?  Okay, I'll tell you a few of my "Broke as hell...oh, well" tricks.

1.  I don't buy "foam squares".  I use 3M mounting tape.  Same thing.  It works well for me and I just cut it to be whatever size I need it to be and it lasts me A LOT longer.

2.  I shop at Big Lots and Target and Wal-Mart and Ross for crafting supplies.  What?  Huh?  YEP!  You would not believe how much stuff you'll find at these retailers.  Of course it's not going to be the premium, fancy, shmancy stuff you get at your local LSS'll do.  I've bought Martha Stewart, K&Co, Inkadinkado, American Crafts and others there.

3.  I don't own any Cricuit products. I do have a Cuttlebug that I use for dies and Nesties but, that's it.  I am an AVID Silhouette SD user.  I only buy the shapes I need.  I also buy their clearance shapes and get the free shape of the week.  Saves me from having to buy expensive carts.  I even download free fonts to use not only with my word processor (MS Office) but, Silhouette uses ANY font on my computer!  I KNOW that's blasphemy to some of you and I'm not hating on Provo...I just can't afford it! Silhouette rocks MY world!

4.  I keep old brown paper bags, ribbon from gifts, the extra buttons that come with shirts and old romance novels.

I KNOW I'm cheap...but, I have to be!

Just some thoughts from my meandering mind. 

Thanks for reading!


Angi @ CokiePop said...

Love this post. I'm trying to shop more on a budget too. Big Lots and Target rocks when you are looking for crafting supplies.

Alberta said...

Great post. No - you are not the only one. Crafting within a budget is sometime a challenge, but like you said and do, there are creative alternatives to craft within your means. I've recently jumped on the digital stamp band wagon which is a cheaper alternative to traditional stamps.

Jen W. said...

No, Miss Rochelle, you are definitely not the only one!! Is it really necessary for a stamp company to release 10 new products every month? It's a special form of torture. Thanks for the rant - I was cheering along! :)

Jocelyn Olson said...

Sounds realistic to me! Great post...I know what you mean about how hard it is to see all of the awesome new stuff but can't buy it all. Something I do is to make the majority of my sentiments in Word--that saves a ton in stamps! Thanks for sharing!!

Trina said...

Yeah, I think I could easily blow a lotto payout on crafting supplies and would still see something I didn't have and immediately "need" it!

Natasha said...

You aren't the only one! I just went shopping for the first time in like a month and spent way too much money. I love shopping clearance!! We all make it work out somehow, but I do get upset when people are posting about all the new stuff they got.

Savannah O'Gwynn said...

LOL! You are NOT the only one--I'm in the same boat...unfortunately I just ordered 50 dollars of stamps today! EHHHHHH! I shouldn't have--but did. Now I'm low on glue and papers...and YES!! I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't have foam squares! I use stuff I found at the dollar store! Sometimes it works better! Right? THANKS for sharing!! <3

Hi...I'm Cindy said...

yup sounds familiar...have we met, LMBO
love your I'm 6 and I want what I want rant. I am in same boat, well I'm in the water right now, can't buy anything what so ever :( But luckily I bought tons before and I have a lot to work with. LOL
Anyway just popped by from "The Outlawz' saw you wanted followers so here I am...rocking like a hurricane...ohh no wait following your blog ;) when you get a chance check out mine please and if you like what you see feel free to follow me :) You go girl, I like the 3M tape idea, I have also used craft foam sheets, it comes in colours to match my projects and I just add dst to it. or use quick dry adhesive, or both, lol