Monday, June 6, 2011

PDCC #84

Monday is OVER!  Yaaay!  I'm so glad that we've gotten this week off to a great start.  My 29th birthday is  eight days away and I'm so excited!  I have a BIRTHDAY BUCKET LIST!  It includes such titillating adventures such as:  Trying a Five Guys burger, making my own custom scent at Scents and Suds in Ansley Mall (I LOVE doing that), Visiting the Modern by Design exhibit at the High Museum Atlanta, Listening to some live music, wearing earrings in all three of my ear piercings, wearing RED lipstick, getting my hair done (I've not let anyone NEAR my head in 11 years), Eating a slice of red velvet/cheese cake from the Cheesecake Factory, Singing karaoke and buying a lot of miscellaneous trinkets and jewelry from Little 5 points.  I LOVE my city and I LOVE life!  I plan on enjoying it to the fullest.

Now on to the juices and berries of the Play Date Cafe Challenge #84:

He, he, he!  Isn't that a cute sentiment?  I made it in Microsoft Office with Power Point (my FAVE program).  Continue to enjoy your week!  I know I will!



Alberta said...

Absolutely Adorable! Love it! Awesome use of the challenge colors. The sentiment is too much fun. ROCK ON GIRLFRIEND!

In other news, your birthday plans sound awesome. The last couple of years, it has become a family tradition to stop at the Cheesecake Factory for...of course, the cheesecake! The red velvet is a winner and a favorite amongst me and mine.

Rosie said...

Well Happy Birthday Rochelle! My 29th birthday is July 4th! I'll be as big as a house and in no mood to do anything, but I sure will celebrate in August after the baby is born! I hope you get to do all that is on your list! Atlanta is really fun! I used to live in GA, about an hour or so from Atlanta. I can honestly say I miss living there. I tried living in South Carolina for 6 months and it doesn't take the cake compared to Georgia! And I love that Father's Day card! I have been blog hopping, soaking up ideas so I can make my husband an awesome card to give from the kids.

suzARTe said...

Hey Rochelle,
Happy Birthday,I am sure you will get through bucket list snd have am awesome time.I am so happy to have come across your blog,it certainly reflects your petsonslity.

This fathers day card is really cool,love the tie and great job with the colours.

Let us know if you get through bucket list :) :)

Tracey said...

FUN and so CREATIVE!!! LOVE it!!! Thanks for playing along with us at The PLay Date Cafe :)

Michele Gross said...

Happy Birthday!! I remember my was a Lot o lot o years ago but good times to smile about it :) I LOVE 5 Guys burgers and think you should definitely get that crossed off your list this year :) Your card is adorably fun and that tie just plain rocks!! Thanks for playing with us at The Play Date Cafe and remember, there is absolutely no shame in licking the frosting off the plate! ;D

Patrice said...

Such a cute card!