Thursday, June 16, 2011

Heck Yeah Thursdays!

Hey Bloggeritas!  Time for another instalment of Heck Yeah Thursdays with yours truly....ROCHELLE!  Just in case you've not been reading my blog, I'm celebrating my 29th birthday all week even though it was on Tuesday.  In the spirit of celebrating I thought that I would give reasons why my b-day week has been awesome for my HECK YEAH Thursday report.

Reason #1 - I let someone do my hair and it turned out great!  (I'm a big touch phob so that was a big step)

Reason #2 - I received the FREE stamps that I won from being the Featured Stamper and Sketch challenge winner over at Skipping Stones Design.

Reason #3 - I'm part of the Fab Four this week at the Play Date Cafe.

Reason #4 - My son went #2 in the potty!!! (TMI I know but, mommy is excited!)

Reason #5 - My husband made me a sweet and romantic dinner on my b-day. (What a doll)

Reason #6 - I went out with the girls and had a blast!

Reason #7 - I have the love of my family and friends and that's the best gift EVER!

So, you see, HECK YEAH Thursday is indeed worthy of a gigantic HEEEEECK YEAAAAH baby! :) LOVING 29!

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Rosie said...

Rochelle I was uber excited when my oldest son finally went #2 on the potty! I told everyone and anyone who would listen! It was such a long journey getting him to that point that I was doing the dance of joy on the day he ran through the house holding his butt and yelled "I have to poop!" and he went on the toilet! He never used another diaper or pull up after that day and I will never forget it! So it sounds like your birthday week is going great! Happy birthday and keep having fun!