Monday, May 30, 2011

Case Study #41

In a about 16 days I will turn 29!  Gee Whiz!  Where did all the time go?  I'm excited because I'm on my 50lbs by 30 campaign and I'm really motivated.  I wanted to make a card that highlighted how magnificent I know 30 is going to be.  Of course I couldn't make the card for myself so I added "for my sister".  How darling!  I used the CASE study challenge to make it so.  Here are the juices and berries of the challenge:

What rich and full colors.  Why am I suddenly craving Waverly wall paper from 1995?  :)



Sarah Martina said...

This is super fun, Rochelle! Good luck with your goal - I know you're gonna be fab & ready when 30 rolls around! ;) Happy early Bday!

Cristina said...

Haha to your wallpaper comment. So funny. There's something about maroon, huh? So glad you played along with us at CASE Study, though!