Sunday, April 10, 2011


I finally purchased some Bombshell stamps and I couldn't wait to start coloring the images.  Here is a quick card I created with my Bombshell lady! I also purchased some different outfits for her!  It's like having paper dolls all over again!  Bombshell stamps are very vintage, retro and tattoo inspired.  I LOVE tattoos.  I have eleven...that's how much I love them.  So, this allows me to ink with out getting inked! 

Enjoy your week!



Trina said...

I was just talking about these stamps with a lady in the sketch challenge at The Outlawz! Love your card!

Rochelle said...

Thanks Trina! I I'm playing in some Outlawz challenges this week. I miss y'all!

Roxann said...

Gorgeous, Rochelle! Love the stamp.