Saturday, May 12, 2012

Okay, okay...I need a new camera AND CASE Study!

Hello Bloggeritas!  I'm so grateful to be seeing yet another Mother's Day weekend!  My son is two and a half and he is my joy.  His name is Picard and my husband and I named him after Jean Luc Picard of the Starship Enterprise from Star Trek.  Yes, we're sci fi fans!  I'm so glad I'm a mother!  It's the most empowering and challenging thing I've EVER done!

Okay so, I take all the photos of my projects with my cell phone.  I have no shame either.  I'm making due with what I have!  Subsequently, all my photos don't come out looking the best...even with some editing.  Soooo...I'm resolved to start aggressively saving for a modestly priced SLR camera.

This photo is a result of some bad camera phone-ing.  Work with me y'all.  This is for the CASE Study challenge!


Michelle said...

Rochelle, you take some awesome photos with your phone camera! I would never have been able to tell if you hadn't told us! Another absolutely gorgeous card! Happy Mothers Day to you!!

Amber S said...

Sci Fi AND crafty?? I love that you named your kid Picard. As soon as I heard it I wondered if it was like Jean Luc, then kept reading and I was right! That was one of my fave shows. I actually still have a tshirt hiding away in the bottom of a drawer with a pic of the crew on it! Idk why I've kept all these years but I love it!!

And I hope you get a camera soon! Not that you "need" it - your photos are great.